Previously known as Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant (PJ), The Elite Seafood Restaurant – after an extensive round of refurbishment and rebranding – is now open to diners in the Klang Valley.

Despite its name change, the restaurant maintains the same unique characteristics that have long made Ah Yat an all-time favourite among seafood enthusiasts. Owned by Unique Seafood Group of Restaurants – one of Malaysia's largest suppliers of live seafood – diners can rest assure that there is always a fresh and abundant supply of seafood at the restaurant. Besides the more common choices of live seafood, diners can also choose from rarer ones such as French turbots, Australian snow crabs, Alaskan spider crabs and Canadian geoduck clams.


Staying true to its concept 'Flavours of The Elite', the full-service restaurant offers only the freshest seafood – right from the sea. Diners at The Elite Seafood Restaurant will also have all their needs taken care of, thanks to the restaurant's excellent team of chefs hailing from as far as China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Offering a large variety of dishes that range from meats to vegetables to, of course, seafood, the restaurant will undoubtedly appeal to diners from all walks of life.

富豪海鲜酒家(The Elite Seafood Restaurant的前身是阿一鲍鱼富临酒家(Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant, PJ),如今以新定位和新装潢登场,成为全方位的势力酒家。